cropped-odyssey-logo-011-512-group-insignia.pngThe Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulators are a group of online simulators dedicated to contemporary art and performance with a focus on performance art. The Odyssey Simulators are made possible by the support of an International group of independent artists. Odyssey includes studio and presentation space in Second Life and studio spaces in NEOSVR.

The Odyssey Simulators host studio work and presentation projects by wide International array of artists and organizations. We provide resources, studio and exhibition space, technical assistance and more to support artists working in virtual places – in particular those working with performance in online synthetic environments. The Odyssey Simulators are currently curated by Liz Solo and managed by the Black Bag Media Collective.

Odyssey is home to many working artists including The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Nebulosus Severine, Bibbe Hansen, Alan Sondheim, Erik Zepka, Patrick Lichty, Liz Solo , Dan Coyote, Yael Gilks, and the Senses Places Project by Isabel Valverde.

Odyssey produces a semi-annual Performance Art Festival and has presented scores of artists over the years including Joseph Delappe, Eva and Franco Mattes, Micha Cardenas, Elle Mehrmand, The Second Front, Stelarc and many more.

Link to us in Second Life here (SLURL).

See also Odyssey YouTube Channel

and Odyssey Facebook Page

Odyssey is made possible due to the generous support of the following people/avatars/groups: Alan Sondheim/Alan Dojoji, Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Man Michinage/Patrick Lichty, Norman Lowrey/North Zipper, Fau Ferdinand/Yael Gilks, Liz Solo, Black Bag Media Collective, The Odyssey Group, Doug Jarvis/Tran Spire, Dan Coyote, The Velvet DJ and dance bar, SaveMe Oh as well private donations from visitors and supporters.

Please consider donating to Odyssey. Donations are accepted via our Paypal account at: odysseyartssl@yahoo.ca or you can drop Lindens into any of the orange donation boxes placed around the Odyssey sims. All donations help us maintain independent artist workspace and every cent is put towards  land maintenance fees.


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