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odylogofinalThe Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulators are virtual spaces in Second Life and NEOSVR, with a history of working on Craft World and macGRID Simulation Research Network. Odyssey is the oldest artist-run sim in the metaverse. Odyssey is dedicated to contemporary art and performance with a focus on performance art. The Odyssey Simulators host projects by individual artists and organizations and provides resources, studio and exhibition space, technical assistance and more to support artists working in virtual places. Odyssey also hosts the semi-annual Odyssey Performance Art Festival, highlighting the work of performance artists in virtual spaces. Odyssey has been operating since 2005 and is both the oldest artist’s sim in the world and one of the premiere presenters of networked performance art in virtual and hybrid spaces.

The Odyssey Simulators are maintained solely by artist’s sponsorship and by annual fundraising activities. Even with the support of the artists working on Odyssey it is still necessary to find other ways to cover all the rental costs associated with maintaining our simulators – so every year we spend some time fundraising. Please consider making a donation to Odyssey to help make 2021 another successful year. You can send donations via our Paypal account at: or drop some Linden in any of the orange donation boxes placed around the Odyssey sims. All donations are most appreciated and every cent is put towards land maintenance fees. You may also donate by clicking here:


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