Dinner Theatre of Cruelty

Patrick Lichty’s Dinner Theatre of Cruelty at the Odyssey Festival. Avatars are bombarded with a special dinner that rains from the heavens. Eventually the experience dissolves into thin air.

Erik Rzepka at the Odyssey Festival

Documentation from Erik Rzepka/Xisuthra Lomu’s installation and performance at the 2012 Odyssey Festival. Avatars wear objects created by the artist and become a part of a living installation.

Second Front Ends the World

Second Front go over the Fiscal Cliff for the 2012 Odyssey Festival. Live on Odyssey and at Open Space, Victoria Canada as part of the End of the World Karaoke Party and at the Black Bag Media Collective Studio in St. John’s, Newfoundland.


Stelarc performed a new piece as part of this years 2012 Odyssey Festival with production assistance by Jo Ellsmere and Pyewacket Kanzyanenko. Here are some images documenting OUT OF BREATH / OUT OF TIME:


An image from Wafa Bourkhis’ installation ReBirth at the 2012 Odyssey Performance Art Festival.

Grass Conversations 1

Documentation from haglet alter’s “Grass Conversations” – with Wirxli II/Jeremy Turner and Alex De Jong. Two people who have never met converse through different media streams and interfaces. Live also at Museum Sorgdrager, Ameland, the Netherlands and at the Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland. To download a copy of the full Grass…

AOM at 2013 Odyssey Festival

The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse perform a live concert to open the 2013 Odyssey Performance Art Festival. New Mayan-inspired mask instruments designed by Norman Lowrey were shared with Second Life audience, and and all were taken on a seamless sound trip as only AOM can deliver. With additional instrumental mixes conceived and/or built by AOM members…

Odyssey Festival Schedule

The 2012 Odyssey Performance Art Festival presents The End of the World and After Party December 21 and 22, 2012 live on the Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator in Second Life and at participating meat spaces: Museum Sorgdrager, Ameland, the Netherlands Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland Open Space, Victoria, Canada FRIDAY…