Odyssey in VR Chat

Odyssey is now running in VRChat.  Odyssey in VRC is a sister sim to the Odyssey artist worlds in Second Life, Resonite, and NEOS VR. Odyssey in VRC was created for us by Mr. Ree of BeeVR and features a gallery space, outdoor amphitheatre, video players, wooded trails, and a collection of chill-out spaces. Drop…

North in NEOS VR

This year, Odyssey artists have been intrepidly exploring new frontiers in VR and beyond. Most recently, artists are making breakthroughs in the social VR world of  NEOS VR. Norman Lowrey/North Zipper, of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, and a long-standing Odyssey artist, has brought his singing masks into NEOS VR – to mesmerizing effect! To get a…

Onwards to 2021!

It has been quite a year! Odyssey artists have been working hard during 2020, and our sims continue to provide essential work and presentation space to independent artists around the world. Artists are turning to virtual spaces during these times and we have seen an increased demand for access. During November and December we have…

Fluxus Piano Piece

On November 23, 2013 Patrick Lichty and Bibbe Hansen met on Odyssey and opened the Fluxus Performance Workbook. They chose to perform George Brecht’s Piano Piece (1962) Piano Piece a vase of flowers on (to) a piano 1962 by Patrick Lichty (b. 1962) and Bibbe Hansen (for Second Front)

Art’s Birthday 2013

*art. one million fifty* There was a long celebration of Art’s Birthday on Odyssey this year. Here is a little documentation from our marathon party – presented by Pomodoro Bolzano – *art. one million fifty* was a celebration + simulation for art lovers. Build by Frieda Korga. The party happened simultaneously on Odyssey in Second Life and…

Technology Tantrum

Here is a set of photos from the Random Acts of Art Workshop (RAAW) at the Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery in Victoria BC/Odyssey – Doug Jarvis/Tran Spire led a three day workshop on mixed reality for youth aged 13 to 18.

minimal glitch

Jo Ellsmere and Pyewacket Kazyanenko’s  “minimal glitch” at the Odyssey Festival.

Grass Conversations 2

haglet alter’s “Grass Conversations” with Wirxli II/Jacquelene Drinkall and Gijs Van Hesteren. Live also at Museum Sorgdrager, Ameland, the Netherlands and the Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland. To read the full text of the conversation from open chat please download this pdf: Grass Conversations Day 2

Dinner Theatre of Cruelty

Patrick Lichty’s Dinner Theatre of Cruelty at the Odyssey Festival. Avatars are bombarded with a special dinner that rains from the heavens. Eventually the experience dissolves into thin air.