Global Gaming Singalong

Media Artist Joseph DeLappe presented the first ever internet-wide global gaming voicechat singalong on Tuesday January 26th 2010 live on Odyssey Island. The “gg hootenanny!” – a day long festival featuring songs of freedom and protest – was presented in celebration of the release of his avatar, MGandhi Chakrabarti, from a nine-month imprisonment/durational reenactment on Odyssey in Second Life. Avatars from many online communities joined in to sing, dance and party with Gandhi, his all star band and guests. The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse made a special appearance.

Pictured below: the Pope, Prince Charles and Wonder Woman rock out on “Kill the Poor” by the Dead Kennedys. All photos by Bibbe Oh.

Watch some video documentation of avatars joyously singing the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love” during the hootenanny – see more on the gg hootenanny blog

The gg hootenanny event was the completion of a nine-month durational performance on Odyssey by Joseph DeLappe. The final day began with MGandhi’s early morning jail breakout by the Second Front. Using jackhammers, drilling devices, explosives and other machinery the Second Front collapsed the walls of the prison cell. Once Gandhi was released the partying began and lasted throughout the day. There were special appearances by many famous avatars. After visiting with scores of well wishers and performing at three multiple reality singalong sessions the MGandhi Chakrabarti avatar ascended from Second Life forever.

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