SaveMe Oh’s 3rd RezDay

Saveme Oh invited everyone to her Third RezDay Party. We arrived to find her lying in a glass box – a la Snow WhiteAttendees were confused.

We tried various methods to revive her. The Bride of Frankenstein (Fau Ferdinand) invoked special powers, trying to bring SaveMe around.
Jesus showed up and attempted a miracle.

But he gave up after awhile.
We partied, we cried, we had a moment of silence.
We tried probing her.
The Bride of Frankenstein danced above.

Man Michinaga tried barfing on her while punching her via the offered poseball.
Finally SaveMe’s father Cupido Oh showed up. He was not happy. He told SaveMe to stop her nonsense.
She didn’t respond.
He tried to beat some sense into her.
But that didn’t work either.
Finally Cupido Oh told SaveMe Oh that if she didn’t stop right now he would cut off her Second Life. He counted to ten and SaveMe logged off.
Cupido said that he used to be retired but now spends all of his time looking after his crazy daughter SaveMe. Then Cupido told the rest of us the get a life and wandered off muttering to himself. Very sad.

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