VB and Co on Odyssey

Odyssey is pleased to present:
V A N E E E S A B L A Y L O C K / C O M P A N Y
performance artists


Friday 16 April 2010 Noon SLT – Saturday 17 April 2pm SLT

One year ago this month, VB/CO was launched with our performance of VB01 – GIRL NEXT DOOR. We thought we’d celebrate this first birthday by throwing a spectacular ball for the avatar we believe to be the most often chosen by new residents, Girl Next Door.

But, like a modern-day virtual-Cinderella, our Girl doesn’t just get to attend the fabulous ball in her honor – oh no – hardly!! She’s got a lot of cleaning to do before she gets to dance!
For 24 hours before the ball, the Au Pair Next Door will wash YOUR clothes!
From Noon SLT on Friday 16 April to noon on Saturday 17 April, YOU are invited to come to the gallery wearing transferable clothes. The Au Pair Next Door will give you a laundry basket to put your clothes in, yes this will leave you naked, but she’ll wash as fast as she can, and she’ll even give you a towel to wear while you wait. The Au Pair Next Door will take your clothes, wash, dry, and iron them, and return them to you nice and warm and smelling clean and fresh.
We’ll be able to accommodate all fabrics, so in addition to machine washing we will dry clean your fine garments, hand-wash your delicates, and we’ll hand-wash your latex in a very mild soap and air dry it.
Then from Noon-2pm SLT the Au Pair Next Door will “dance” at the ball in her honor! The Noon “dance” will be performed by as many avatars as would like to be on stage. 16-24… perhaps more…
A fabulous After-Party will take place at 2pm SLT, through the Manhole Cover to a Magical Realm!
All events will be held under the giant 50-meter VB/CO Dome at Odyssey, lined with images from VB/CO’s first year.
When you arrive at Odyssey, set your environment to midnite, grab a parachute from the dispenser, and enjoy the ride down to the VB/CO Dome.
See you there!

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