OPAF on Youtube

Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance has started up a new Youtube Channel to share work and documentation from Odyssey exhibits. Our first pieces are now online – ten machinimas documenting the performances that took place during the 2010 Odyssey Performance Art Festival.

Please visit and subscribe to the Odyssey Simulator Youtube Channel and view videos of work by Patrick Lichty/Man Michinaga, Selavy Oh, Kris Shomaker/Gracie Kendal, Alan Sondheim/Alan Dojoji, Ze Moo, Azdel Slade/Micha Cardena and echolalia Azalee/Elle Mehrmand, Liz Solo/lizsolo Mathilde and Yael Gilks/Fau Ferdinand, DanCoyote Antonelli/DC Spensely, Rose Borchovski and Garrett Lynch.
A huge thank you to all the amazing artists and audiences who came out to make this first festival such a success!
Here is footage from Selavy Oh’s “A Space to Chat”. Visit our Youtube Channel for more.

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