McBain for U.S. Senate!

The Great Debate Dance Party

Last night we were proud to present – The Great Debate Dance Party!

Joseph DeLappe (previously known as MGandhi Chakrabarti) has a new avatar -NoneOfTheseCandidates Macbain! NoneOfTheseCandidates Macbain is running for Harry Reid’s U.S. Senate seat in Nevada!

Last night he virtually crashed the Harry Reid/Sharron Angle televised debate and many friends showed up to dance the night away. The event was also streamed Live on the Internet from Odyssey Art and Performance in Second Life.

NoneOfTheseCandidates Macbain! Visit his campaign website for more:

It was a great party. Even the Pope was there.
Dancing the Debate away.

Hi Jesus!!

photos by Fau Ferdinand and lizsolo Mathilde

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