Cleaning the Sky

Odyssey is about to undergo some big changes as we transition from corporately sponsored sim to a member owned sim. Dynamis – who have sponsored Odyssey since 2005 – will be handing the island over to its members this month. It is an exciting time and in preparation for the coming changes Fau and I went exploring the sky to assess the space and clean it of stray objects.
There were some lost prims and a few old sets that needed to be returned but it was quite a surprise to find that several new residences had sprung up, overnight, high in the sky.
People had moved right in.

The inhabitants of the new community were very nice when the janitors arrived.

It was a bit of a shame as clearly the new squatters had been having a very good time in their little village of love shacks.
In no time the sky was clean again. The squatters have moved on.
Returning a lost parrot:

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    lol parrot 😀

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