Immersed with AOM

Immersed with AOM – A Benefit for Odyssey
Odyssey is very happy to announce the final performance in our 2012 Fundraising Series – very generously donated by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and including the offer of AOM instruments in exchange for donations!! Read on for details (from AOM Homepage):


Saturday, March 24 1 pm SLT
Odyssey Art and Performance Simulator, Second Life


Bring your musical mind

bring your Lindens
and prepare to be immersed, soothed, inspired, mesmerized, energized and downright amazed.


Join the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse Saturday, March 24 in a celebration of their 5 years working at Odyssey Art and Performance Simulator in Second Life. Odyssey hosts some of the most adventurous and thought-provoking art-making in virtual reality. It exists through the volunteer management of Liz Solo and Fau Ferdinand. Funds raised will help fund the cost of renting the Second Life simulator from Linden Labs.



Guests will be given an insider experience of the Orchestral dynamic and offered virtual audio-visual instruments, animations, seats and the chance to play in performance with AOM in exchange for donations to Odyssey.This is a very rare opportunity to have access to a limited set of AOM instruments and instruction and to experience the deep telematic experience of playing with the seasoned members of the Orchestra in this platform.



The program features the creations of AOM’s three instrument builders / script artists.PROGRAM



Tim Risher’s RITUAL, in which the audience will be surrounded by undulating chanting sounds and the ritualistic dance of avatars.Norman Lowrey’s IN WHIRLED (TRANCE)FORMATIONS, preceded by a demonstration of Norman’s amazing set of Singing Masks, which are offered for sale to support Odyssey. Participants will be instructed in HUD use and invited to perform this piece with AOM. (see photos below)Andreas Mueller’s WEE NO KRESH and ALEATRICITY,preceded by the sale of dancing animations and sounding instruments that will light up your Second Life dancing experience.SATURDAY MARCH 24 1 – 2 pm SLT

See you there!
How to buy Lindens:
Payments can also be made via Paypal to Odyssey – Email Odyssey: odysseyart​ssl@yahoo.​ca
Singing Masks offered by donation (minimum 500 Lindens)


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