Archeological Dig

Sugar Mountain has come down. It was time, the mountain was taking up space and not really providing a viable work or presentation area. So last week I put on my terraforming hat down she came. Before I got to work flattening the land it occurred to me that I would likely find all kinds of objects buried under the mountain, artifacts from Odyssey’s formative years with Sugar and Pacino or maybe some objects left behind by Ian Ah. I was going on an archeological dig.
I was pretty excited to see what would appear but after digging down to nearly the bottom of the mountain not one object was revealed. Finally, I uncovered a corner of blue and as the mountain disappeared one lone artifact was found.
One blue megaprim left behind by Evo Szuyuan.

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  1. Keep up the good work. My students from the Art Institute of Chicago and I will be stopping by to check out Jo Ellesmere's studio and OdysseySincerely, Ti Mosienko

    1. lizsolo says:

      Thanks Andrew! Come by anytime:)

  2. Marcus says:

    I remember the excitement that Sugar Seville and I had when that mountain was first created by Sugar in the Autumn of 2006. I think it was the very first thing that Sugar ever built on Odyssey – before any objects were built or even how we were going to attract a community of artists. I remember sitting on top of it and thinking… what next? Funny to come across this so randomly. Hope it's all going well. Marcus Markou (aka Pacino Hercules)

    1. lizsolo says:

      Nice to hear from you Marcus! The mountain has now been replaced by a steep cliff:) Things are going very well on Odyssey, we have just had our annual performance festival. All the best!

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