Dance Week on Odyssey


*sensesplaces_008Senses Places and Odyssey presented an experimental hybrid reality dance jam session on Odyssey for International Dance Day. The mixed reality participatory environment involved a webcam capture interface and two live streams into Second Life. Movements in Real Life triggered movements in  avatars interacting with the webcam interface. Avatars and live dancers worked together to create unique movement sequences and hybrid interactions.

Isabel Valverde hosted a live stream from  Portugal  and Liz Solo from Newfoundland. Artists and others participated  from many locations via Second Life including SaveMe Oh who created many special effects.

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  1. beverde says:

    Really awesome experience in multiple connected ways of embodying ;D
    Wonderful that we can see it through the photos. Thanks much!
    Looking forward to the next Senses Places event at the Metaverse cultural series, Avacon ;D

  2. beverde says:

    Reblogged this on sensesplaces and commented:
    We thanks Odyssey Simulator and Liz Solo for the collaboration and support of Senses Places providing a temporary residency.

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