Krysania concerts on Odyssey

We are so happy to announce that Krysania is back in SL and will be playing regular shows on Odyssey – every Saturday for the next month at 5 PM SLT, starting tomorrow – Sat. Dec 14th. Join us in the Odyssey Performance Space for some live music with a great entertainer – Saturday afternoons.

Krysania is an interdisciplinary performance artist, musician, and singer whose sound is described as eclectic and indie. She covers a range of musical styles, mostly hits from the top of the Century, and also performs originals as well. If you are searching for a chill place to hang out and listen to silly songs or even just mellow out with some cool folks, a Krysania show is just for you!

Here’s  the SLURL

Here’s a link to our Second Life Event Listing

This concert will be happening simultaneously on Odyssey in Second Life and in AltSpace VR (you can also find the details in AltSpace VR’s Events Listings).