Summer of Love 2.1

The Second Front performed on Odyssey last weekend and were projected live into Turner Hall at Milwalkee’s Pabst Theatre as part of the event Present Music – Life Love and Death – a showcase of life, love, and death-inspired art installations. Second Front presented a new iteration of their Summer of Love 2.0 installation –…

Virtual Arts Class

This past month on Odyssey Patrick Lichty of Peck  School of the Arts has been instructing students using the Odyssey Simulator as an extension of the classroom. Students have been experimenting with different online platforms as places of creation, including explorations in Second Life and Minecraft. The students have also been experimenting with 3D Printing:…

Art’s Birthday 2013

*art. one million fifty* There was a long celebration of Art’s Birthday on Odyssey this year. Here is a little documentation from our marathon party – presented by Pomodoro Bolzano – *art. one million fifty* was a celebration + simulation for art lovers. Build by Frieda Korga. The party happened simultaneously on Odyssey in Second Life and…

Dreaming in the New Year

In Parallel: Dreaming into Alternate Universes with Norman Lowrey aka North Zipper A Virtual Celebration of the New Year Across 9 Time Zones. Odyssey participated in the closing ceremony of Ione’s 17th Annual Dream Festival in an overnight celebration of the New Year in Second Life. Avatars logged in through the night and received a Dreaming/Sleeping…

Second Front – Happy Birthday Fluxus

Second Front performed Happy Birthday Fluxus a series of works celebrating 50 years of Fluxus performances. The performance happened simultaneously on Odyssey Exhibit A and at the Franklin Street Works in Stamford Connecticut. The event began with an intro by Second Front member Bibbe Hansen, followed by a live, streaming performance by Second Front and…

minimal glitch

Jo Ellsmere and Pyewacket Kazyanenko’s  “minimal glitch” at the Odyssey Festival.

Grass Conversations 2

haglet alter’s “Grass Conversations” with Wirxli II/Jacquelene Drinkall and Gijs Van Hesteren. Live also at Museum Sorgdrager, Ameland, the Netherlands and the Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland. To read the full text of the conversation from open chat please download this pdf: Grass Conversations Day 2

Erik Rzepka at the Odyssey Festival

Documentation from Erik Rzepka/Xisuthra Lomu’s installation and performance at the 2012 Odyssey Festival. Avatars wear objects created by the artist and become a part of a living installation.


An image from Wafa Bourkhis’ installation ReBirth at the 2012 Odyssey Performance Art Festival.

Grass Conversations 1

Documentation from haglet alter’s “Grass Conversations” – with Wirxli II/Jeremy Turner and Alex De Jong. Two people who have never met converse through different media streams and interfaces. Live also at Museum Sorgdrager, Ameland, the Netherlands and at the Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland. To download a copy of the full Grass…