2011 OPAF Final Weekend Schedule

The 2011 Odyssey Performance Art Festival is heading into its final weekend. Here is the schedule for the seven performances to come (please note that Sca Shilova’s Let Them Eat Cake has moved to Sunday at 12 noon SLT):

Friday July 15 – 1 PM SLT
The Extraordinary Adventures of Kikas & Marmaduke
Marmaduke Arado and Kikas Babenco
Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado, call themselves The Wearers and have developed a show called “The Extraordinary Adventures of Kikas & Marmaduke” – a succession of scenes from a hypothetical 3D cartoon telling the wacky trials and tribulations of their avatars in Second Life.

“The Extraordinary Adventures of Kikas & Marmaduke” aims to be fun while it explores the possibilities of Second Life itself as a creative medium.

Saturday July 16 – 1 AM SLT
Mixed Reality Participatory Performance Environment
Todd Cochrane and Isabel Valverde
Physical site: Fridge Gallery, C Bloc, Wellington Institute of Technology,
23-27 Kensington Av., Petone

This mixed reality participatory performance will involve Movement/Dance and Sound/Music Improvisation, amongst physical bodies, and physical bodies and avatars. Keyboard-free alternative modes of embodied interfacing will be enabled by video livestream in SL of the physical participants at Betone, NZ, and, possibly, Tokyo, Japan, Webcam and Wiimote interfacing (software objects to be shared) for physical and remote participants.

Senses Places continues the ongoing experimental dance-technology collaborative research work from Real Virtual Games through Weathering In, towards critically expanding kinesthetic/synesthetic perceptions and communication, engaging physical and physical-virtual Contact and Somatic Movement based Improvisation, Sound, and body-environment climate interactions.

We focus on challenging choreographic/designed/devised relationships amongst participants, with/through mediated doubles (video image and/or avatar), and with aspects of the responsive environment, which would benefit, enrich, bringing agency to embodied subjects within a post-human corporeal condition.

Saturday July 16 – 1 PM SLT
Avatar Wrestling Federation Smacktacular – Championship Rounds
Dan Coyote Antonelli/DC Spenseley (USA)
with the Second Life Cheerleading Squad (International)
Come one, come all and compete in the first ever AVATAR WRESTLING FEDERATION SMACKTACULAR! Good guys, bad guys and all characters in between earn bragging rights at this “spectacle of excess” unparalleled in any life and not possible in real life!

Join avatars from communities from all over Second Life to come together for a festival of absurd creative competition and over-the-top artistic performance and entertainment. At this event the winner takes it all.

Featuring routines by the Second Life Cheerleading Squad. Started in 2007 by Christi Charron, the SLCS has blossomed into the largest and most successful Cheerleading groups within Second Life.

Saturday July 16 – 4:30 PM SLT/9 PM NST
Upside Down World (Pearls for Pigs)
Liz Solo/Fau Ferdinand/Jo Ellsmere (NFLD, UK,USA)
physical site: Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland
A hybrid reality performance.

Sunday July 17 – 12 Noon SLT

Let Them Eat Cake
by Sca Shilova
with Fau Ferdinand, Suru Sautereau and Alex Arashi

A new performance.

Sunday July 17 – 1 PM SLT

Interdimensional Call
Kai Steamer
Interdimensional Call
The energy of the universe flows through everything, allows us to have sensory experiences, communicate with each other and is not limited to only the virtual world. It is also present in other dimensions of our reality, like that unknown world: the so-called ‘physical world.’
A ritual of initiation and purification is needed; an encounter with the operator that every avatar has. Whether you believe in them or not, they rule our destiny.
A communication channel will be opened with one of them. Are there any messages for us out there?

Sunday July 17 – 2 PM SLT
MASS.LIVE.NU (The Future of Social Mass Media)
Ze Moo
MASS.LIVE.NU performance is a modest comment on some of today’s global issues and an attempt to predict a future where cyber migration becomes an issue when geopolitical borders prevent migration of people seeking happiness. “Lag-Hell on Earth”.

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