One Year!!

Odyssey is very proud to report that we have made it through our first year as an independent, artist sustained sim. We were able to do this so successfully thanks to the generous support of our many sponsors. Odyssey would like to extend deep gratitude to our sponsors in 2011, without these artists and groups Odyssey would not have been able to continue as one of Second Life’s premiere contemporary art sims:

Alan Sondheim/Alan Dojoji, Neutral Ground/Soil Digital Media Suite, Pauline Oliveros/Deep Listening Institute/Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Man Michinaga/Patrick Lichty, Norman Lowry/North Zipper, Rose Borchovski, Jo Ellsmere, Evolutie Szuyuan, Pixel Reanimator/Andrew Stringer, Garrett Lynch, Nora Furlough, M4SK22 Melody, Oberon Omnura, Fau Ferdinand/Yael Gilks, Liz Solo/Black Bag Media Collective.

Thanks also to SaveMe Oh for last year’s fundraising performance of Screen Saver Art.

As we line up our sponsors for 2012 we are also undertaking some fundraising initiatives during the month of January. Please consider showing your support for Odyssey and the work of its artists in one of these ways:

We are opening a small fundraising kiosk for the sale of items, the proceeds to go to the Odyssey Maintenance Fund. If you have an item of your own creation that you would like to donate to the Odyssey Fundraising Kiosk, please message Jo Ellsmere or lizsolo Mathilde anytime or email us at odysseyartssl at yahoo dot ca

We will soon be holding special fundraising events featuring DJed parties and special performances. If you would like to participate as a performer please get in touch with lizsolo Mathilde.

Anyone can donate to the Odyssey Maintenance Fund anytime by using the donation boxes located throughout Odyssey Island or by sending contributions to our paypal account at :
odysseyartssl @

The cost of the sim is expensive and all donations are greatly appreciated. All money raised through these intiatives will be put directly towards paying the land fees for Odyssey Island. Details on the Fundraising events and the Kiosk will be coming shortly.

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  1. Vaneeesa says:

    Congratulations you guys, this is such great news! Yay! Good luck to Odyssey in 2012! 🙂

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