Odyssey at the Wrong Biennale

Artists utilizing Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms as workspaces create unique laboratories for experimentation, innovative sites for performance, and new places of contact. With technology quickly advancing, and online platforms ever rising and falling, Virtual Reality is volatile territory. Artists intrepidly navigate the boundaries of these virtual spaces, seeking to expand beyond them as they create new and exciting ways to experience art and the metaverse.


Debora AlannaChun Hua Catherine DongThe House of ZoloLisa TimpfTWK TemplarL. X. BeckettYuan Changming, and JE Solo.

VR Forward explores poetry, art, and the poetics of space by bringing the work of Canadian artists into virtual reality spaces. The VR Forward Project offers its final exhibit  in the online world of Second Life featuring the work of four Canadian poets and two Canadian media artists. This event is also a part of The Wrong Biennale – an independent, multicultural, decentralised and collaborative international art biennial. Follow our Wrong Biennale pavilion on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thespaceisvolatile/

The project is the result of a collaboration between the BBMC (a transdisciplinary artists collective), the House of Zolo (an independent Canadian publisher), and an array of Canadian artists, builders, and coders. The exhibit features documentation from the Virtual Reality projects that have been created throughout the year, and four installations that bring the work of Canadian poets to life with inventive and interesting virtual environments.


The best way to attend our events in virtual space is to enter the virtual world via your computer. In the case of Second Life, avatar accounts and software are free and accessible to both PC and Mac computers. If you are not already a user, visit Second Life to create an avatar, download the client, and enter the virtual world. Once you are in-world you can access the exhibit by entering this SLURL in the chat window and clicking it to teleport to the gallery.


The Space is Volatile is the BBMC’s Pavilion at the 2023-2024 Wrong Biennale – running from November 1, 2023 to March 1, 2024. The pavilion features the work of VR Forward artists Debora AlannaChun Hua Catherine DongThe House of ZoloLisa TimpfTWK TemplarL. X. BeckettYuan Changming, as well as BBMC members and associates JE SoloNebulosus SeverineAlan SondheimTina PearsonIsabel ValverdeArtists of the Odyssey Simulator, and more.

This event includes work from BBMC’s VR Forward Project,  made possible thanks to the support of the Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada and the support of the artists of the Odyssey Simulator.